With a touch of mint and lemon.
The freshness and energy to continue with your day.

What contains? When to drink?

Introduction Our Philosophy

Life is a beatiful journey, an adventure that comes from you and denotes where are you living, where are you walking, who are you talking to and leaves footprint anywhere. Make your foodprint positive.

AvoWater is an avocado beverage full of flavor that hydrates and give you energy to continue with your journey.

Made with all the goodness of the most delicious avocados of Mexico, prepared by 100% Mexican hands, AvoWater fills you with oils and vitamins that bring out the most beautiful of you from the inside out; so that your mark in this adventure is marked forever. There is still a long way to go. Go out to discover what is in you.

Ingredients What is on AvoWater?


We submit it to HPP Process so that it is always super fresh, natural and its nutrients reach you intact!

Hoja de Stevia

Organic powdered stevia leaf or we have unrefined brown sugar to sweeten your Avowater or a mix of both, you decide!

Vitamina C

We use 100% Mexican lemons that, in addition to giving a citrusy and refreshing flavor, provide a lot of vitamin C!

Aguacates mexicanos

We make it with the most delicious avocados of Mexico full of nutrients and flavor!
Did you know that avocado contains more potassium than a banana and also contains good fats that help your heart?

Envase de hueso de aguacate

If you wish, we can sell it to you in our Super Avo Bottles! Bottles made with the bone of our avocados and it is 100% biodegradable!


Direct from the field to your drink! The mint is a plant that besides having a super fresh taste and smell, helps you with stomach symptoms.

Process Process of taking
avowater to you

Learn about the process Avowater goes through in order to reach you!

We get sure to gather raw materials of the best quality to prepare AvoWater.

We manfacture our bottles with the seed of avocados, this way we have 100% biodegradeble Bottles!

We clean, select and process AvoWater for you.

At this stage the HPP Process is applied to ensure you receive Avowater fresh, and with nutriments and flavor intact.

We send the product through our logistic partners, always taking care of the temperature and optimal conditions.

Use When to drink

Fill yourself with energy and enjoy a nutritious and delicious drink during the day!


To accompany your food

Avowater is an ideal drink to accompany your food and have a nutritious and balanced diet.


Snack for the office

Take Avowater with you to the office, it will keep you hydrated and will give you enough energy to be the best!


While & after doing sports

Drink it before, during and after exercise! Avowater fills you with energy and gives you back part of the nutrients your body loses during physical activity. Revitalize yourself with Avowater!


Tp relax

AvoWater can be an excellent travel partner. It will give you a feeling of relaxation and well-being during your trip. AvoWater fills you with nutrients and fats that will make you look and feel amazing!


To make cocktails

Friday? Stress ?? Meeting with friends ?? ... Mix AvoWater with your favorite liquor and create fun avocado cocktails !! With tequila and ice for a margarita, with rum for a mojito or the way you prefer !! Visit our social networks for more tips!


To travel / adventure

Avowater is a great ally in all your travels and adventures. Go out and discover what is inside you.

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or distribute avowater?

We are in Mexico
and The United States!

FAQsDo you have any doubt?

The product is subjected to HPP (High Pressure Procesing), which is a process that eliminates bacteria, pathogens, fungi and yeast, to ensure that the product is kept in good condition for 120 days, this way, when you receive you AvoWater it will be fresh and full of benefits for your body.

Because it is a natural product, it must be kept under refrigeration at all times, if it is not refrigerated the product will be in good condition for approximately 5-8 hours, depending on the temperature at which it is exposed.

It is the technology that we use in the product. Eliminates bacteria, pathogens, fungi and yeast to last longer without using preservatives or additives. The process involves putting the bottles into a machine that hits the product with cold water at a very high pressure, making the product safe and fresh for a longer period of time.

The product, in addition to having an avocado, also has a touch of lemon and mint that makes AvoWater taste very fresh and pleasant, the avocado is more present in the body of the drink, giving it a velvety and creamy texture.

A lot!, we use 100% natural avocado, so the beverage brings the direct benefits of avocado, which are many! , good fats that help the heart, vitamins, omegas, fiber, more potassium than banana, antioxidants, etc.

For sure!! That´s actually our goal, because it provides many important nutrients for the body of a child, a young person, an adult or an elderly person.

Due to the fact we use HPP techonolgy, AvoWater lasts up to 120 days from the day of its production, as long as it stays at 3-5 ° C, however, we recommend you to see the expiration date to know how much time you have to enjoy your AvoWater. We are sure not a lot of time will pass before you drank it all!

Please write us to hello@avowater.com and we will be happy to hear from you and answer your questions.